Christian Book Publisher's Special Starting at $295.00

Pastors and Teachers – Turn your notes into a book for your congregation or class

Christian Layman – Tell the story of God's grace in your life

Many publishers have a list of services and the prices.  We have one service and that is to get your book published.  The cost of publishing your book will depend on the level of progress at the time of manuscript submission.  You may be able to get your book published and promoted for a reasonable price.  Prices start at $395.00 $295.00.   Anywhere from a print ready manuscript to you have an idea and need it in print, we'll work with you.  If you email us the basic information about your book or your need, we will contact you to discuss your publishing needs.  It may sound old fashioned, but we actually talk to people about their needs.  For more information email .

Proofreading and editorial services are also available. Contact

You may pay for publishing services below.


Book cover design available by Greg Borawski.

Call Greg 618 671-8730

Greg has provided excellent book covers for some our Theocentric authors.  Call him to discuss your book cover needs.

Basic author/publisher agreement

Author Right to Ownership

The Author promises to deliver to Theocentric Publishing Group a complete and final manuscript within thirty days of establishing this agreement. The Author grants to the publisher rights to print the Work and to establish distribution for the Work.  This includes the right to promote and sell the work on behalf of the author through channels like Amazon and other online and retail booksellers.  The Publisher acquires no right of ownership to the Work under this agreement and the Author shall own full and complete copyright to the Work.

Term and Termination

The Author may terminate this agreement and enter into another publishing agreement for this Work at any time.  The author shall notify the publisher in writing of such termination.


The publisher intends to prepare the Work for on-demand distribution within ninety (90) days of the date of this Agreement, but the Author acknowledges that the production process may exceed that time period due to circumstances beyond its control or in the event the Author makes excessive changes to the manuscript after it has been submitted. Authors should NOT schedule book signings or other special promotions until the publisher releases this book.  The author will receive one (1) proof copy before the book is released and will have fourteen (14) days to make any changes in the cover or the text.  After all corrections are complete, the author will receive a complimentary copy of the book.  The author will be notified in advance of the release.

Author Warranties

The Author guarantees he/she is the sole owner of the Work and has the full authority and

right to enter into this agreement. The Author guarantees the Work is original and does not

infringe upon any laws or rights, and that the Work is not libelous, plagiarized, or in any other way illegal. If any portion of the Work is fictitious, the Author guarantees it does not represent any real event or person in a way that could be deemed libelous. The publisher assumes no responsibility for reviewing the editorial content of the Work.

Author Purchases

The Author is not required to purchase copies of the Work. The Author may purchase copies of the Work in any quantity. Orders must be paid for with check, money order, or credit card at the time the order is placed. The cost per book will be the cost of manufacturing plus $1.00 and the author will pay shipping cost.


The publisher shall pay the Author a royalty for each copy sold. The royalty rate for copies sold at retail price will be 50% of the “net” income.  The “net” is computed from the retail sale price, minus manufacturing cost, minus the percentage received by the sales channel.  Authors shall receive no royalties on copies they purchase.

Cover Design

A generic cover will be furnished by the publisher.  If the author requires a custom made cover, the author must furnish the cover in its completed form in a pdf format. 

Text Format

The publisher reserves the right to determine the manner and style in which the Work will be formatted and typeset, using styles that are consistent with popular trade works and using a font compatible to industry standards. The Author acknowledges that the publisher does not guarantee it will perform any custom or unusual formatting requests.

Miscellaneous Fees

The Author shall pay the publisher a fee depending on the services performed.  Author agrees to submit his/her manuscript in complete and final form in Word format. The Author acknowledges that the publisher may assess “change fees” for author-requested text and/or cover changes after authors have submitted their manuscript in complete and final form.

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