Brief Study of the Ten Commandments, Martin Murphy, ISBN 9780991481163,

Book Review by Craig Hurst

Truth in the Flesh, John Hartung, ISBN 9780985618117

Book Review by J. HW. Wartick 

The Present Truth, Martin Murphy, ISBN 9780983244172 

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Experiencing Spiritual Encouragement, Ann Varnum, ISBN 9780983244103

Book Review by Sue Thielke on Amazon


 Taking a Serious God Seriously, James Perry, ISBN9780983244158.  Theocentric Publishing Group, 2011.  200 pp. $12.95.  Paper back and Kindle Edition available from Amazon.

Review by Terry Delaney at Christian Book Notes:  God prepared James Perry to write this book by giving him academic preparation and practical experience.   Perry graduated with a Master of Divinity from Covenant Seminary and served as a pastor in various churches across the United States for fifty years.  In his retirement he devotes much of his time writing; a blog, “A Pilgrim’s Perspective”,  He is also the author of three other books.  They are available from  This book critiques the culture of man by using contemporary events that are relative to every day life.  He opens the door of discussion on cultural issues like education.  His questions are soul searching.  One brief example; “Is there the possibility of an ongoing ‘dumbing-down’ within certain venues of the so-called ‘Christian Church’?”  His answers are always biblically sound.  He devotes one chapter to the ultimate purpose of life, the doctrine and practice of worship.  His analysis of current worship trends finds its remedy in the Word of God.  He describes the cultural milieu from a world of experience.  The author responds to the naturalistic postmodern culture with the Kingdom culture of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Relevant and readable, James Perry concurrently challenge Christians with his contemporary documentary and at the same time encourage them with the Word of God.  Read this book to the grasp its primary theme; God is a serious God. It is divided into thirteen chapters thus making it an excellent choice for Sunday School or Bible Study Groups that follow the quarter system.  Pastors will find it a valuable resource for preaching and teaching. 

 My Christian Apology – Apologetics: Explained and Applied, by Martin Murphy,  ISBN 9780984570874, The Theocentric Publishing Group, 2010.  92 pp.

Review by Terry Delaney at Christian Book Notes

The Right Course and the Only Right Choice by James Perry, ISBN 9780984570898, 148 pp.  $11.95.  Review by Terry Delaney at Christian Book Notes.

Consider These Things With Me, ISBN 9780984570867, James Perry

Reviewed by Terry Delaney at Christian Book Notes


The Essence of Christian Doctrine, ISBN 978098457081, By Martin Murphy

Reviewed by Terry Delaney at Christian Book Notes

Review by Pastor Phil Morgan, First Assembly Church, Brookfield, Connecticut

I became acquainted with Martin Murphy recently through a couple of online exchanges, including comments he left right here on this blog. Martin has more than 20 years experience as a pastor and teacher, and holds degrees in Bible and Divinity from Columbia and Reformed Theological Seminary. He and his wife live in South AlabamaNot every competent pastor or seminary graduate can write. Martin can! I bought a copy of his new book The Essence of Christian Doctrine and as I started to leaf through it I was immediately struck by its style. It does not pretend to be a magnum opus on systematic theology. (We probably have enough of those.)  It is clearly written for a more popular audience, bringing a good summary of sound Christian doctrine in a thoroughly engaging and readable style.This book would be a great introduction to theological reading for any young person, and it would make an excellent small group Bible Study curriculum. The seasoned pastor will find immensely helpful material here in preparing to preach doctrine in terms that a whole congregation can grasp quickly. Approximately the first half of the book (13 chapters) is devoted to expounding the Apostles’ Creed which (in my opinion) ought to be the very first thing we teach new converts, in that it is thoroughly Biblical, easily memorized, and broadly instructional. It’s a marvelous doctrinal foundation for anyone. The remaining 11 chapters cover such things as the authority of the Bible, the providence of God, the doctrines of salvation by grace, the Church, God’s law and Biblical evangelism.  (This last topic has become especially close to my own heart, and I have been quietly preparing material on it myself.) I love this book! It’s at the same time both a systematic approach, but also faithfully Biblical; it is appropriately dogmatic, but also pastoral. Martin has not avoided the topics that have historically sparked theological controversy, but he does not engage in the combative arguments that often serve to create more heat than light. He simply and positively lays out the plain teaching of Scripture.


Return to the Lord: A Brief Commentary and Exposition of Hosea. ISBN 9780984570805 by Martin Murphy

Review by Terry Delaney, Christian Book Notes


Martin Murphy is no stranger to the readers of Christian Book Notes. He has been reviewed and interviewed here a few times. You can read those reviews here. He is also one of the co-founders of The Theocentric Publishing Group.


Just as the subtitle alludes to, this book is a commentary and exposition of Hosea. This is not like your typical commentary, however. What you will find is a guided tour of not just the main highlights of Hosea, but a gentle push to delve deeper into the Word of God.
As with any commentary, Martin’s “perspective” is inevitably obvious at some points though he leaves the door wide open for the reader’s interpretation. His use of pronoun’s like “I” is the main reason for this comment, but overall, he does an excellent job of remaining objective…a trait that is difficult when writing any commentary or expositional thoughts on a book of the Bible.
I appreciated most his questions sprinkled throughout the book. Those questions, while not loaded, will direct the reader to some profound thoughts on what it means to be in covenant with God. (As believers in Christ Jesus, we are in a covenant with Him!)


Return to the Lord can be used for personal edification or for preparing a lesson. What is more, this resource can be used for sermon preparation. It will not give you “Martin Murphy’s thoughts on Hosea” as many commentaries offer. Rather, it will lead, guide, and direct you as you seek to understand the central message of this Old Testament Prophet. In the end, you will be asking yourself, “Have we returned to the Lord?”

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