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The Dominant Culture

$ 11.95 USD

Ann Varnum, host of WTVY's “Moms Every Day” and freelance writer says, “Using the Book of Judges, Martin Murphy compares what occurred then in the same context as what America and the church are facing today.”  She referred to The Dominant Culture as, “a must read”. Order by September 10, 2017 and receive Constitutional Authority in a Postmodern Culture free.


It Happened in Little Valley A Case Study of Uxoricide

$ 10.95 USD

The murder of Sue Ann Riggs by her husband, Ralph Riggs and subsequent suicide of her lover, Albert Roy Marsh, were the culmination of ordinary people engaged in ordinary circumstances. Ralph and Sue had a troubled marriage; Albert had recently divorced; Sue and Albert were having an affair. These circumstances hardly constitute a perfect storm for tragedy, but tragedy occurred in the early morning of November 28, 1956 in Little Valley, New York, the ordinary village in which they lived. Uxoricide refers to "killing one's wife" thus the subtitle A Case Study of Uxoricide.




Buied Above Ground: Understanding Suicide and the Suicidal Mind

$ 18.95 USD

This book was written for anyone interested in understanding suicide.  Questions addressed in this book include:


Why do people commit suicide?

Can a suicide attempt be anticipated?


What do most suicides have in common?


Death: Reflections on the End of Life and What Comes After

$ 16.95 USD

This is a book about death. However, a one-word characterization of any book is likely to be too general to be helpfully descriptive. The subtitle, Reflections on the End of Life and What Comes After, provides a more meaningful representation. Arguably, humankind's two most enduring questions are: What is the meaning of life? and, Is there an afterlife? Noteworthy is both questions are unanswerable if definitive, irrefutable answers are being sought. The endurance of these essentially unanswerable questions imply a feature unique to human beings. To be human is to be curious about our place in the creation and if we have a place somewhere after we die. Both curiosities involve our existence and whether it comes to an end. Moreover, there is a curiosity about whether our earthly conduct has consequences for what, if anything, awaits us after our death.


Nuggets of Truth For 365 Days

$ 17.95 USD

     Nuggets of truth is a daily devotional designed to complement a comprehensive personal and intimate study of God’s word.


Why Can't You Be More Like Me? An Introduction to Moral Philosophy

$ 17.95 USD

The intention of this book is to explain moral diversity and the conflict it sometimes generates between individuals, groups, and nations. Hopefully it will be helpful in our continuing effort to communicate with each other.  Each chapter poses a question that is answered in a concise, thought provoking manner. It provokes one to think by the questions in each chapter.  - How do ethics and morals differ? What are the methodologies people use for distinguishing right from wrong? Does the end always justify the means? How is a moral decision to be made when duties are in conflict?  Is morality simply a matter of having a certain feeling about something? Can people be good without God? This book could be used as an introductory textbook or reading material for anyone interested in the issues that comprise moral philosophy.


The Twenty-First Century Church: Is it Waxing or Waning

$ 12.95 USD

This book examines the contemporary church to see if it measures up to the standards of the Bible.  It reveals the failure of the church in relationship to the biblical model. As time passes, the Church begins to allow complacency, apathy and cultural accommodation to occur. At such a time, the Church no longer is waxing (as it should be doing) but begins a waning process (as sin and heretical concepts are embraced). What can the Church do? What should it seek after?  The author answers those and many other questions.



The principles revealed in this book are rooted in the infallible Word of God. The author's irrefutable assertions will cause Christians to muse over the condition of the church. He said, "It cannot be stressed too often that accommodation or adaptation to the desires of the culture is not the acceptable alternative for the 21st Century Church."  The pages of this book reveal the biblical principles for a prosperous 21st Century Church.


Ultimate Authority for the Soul

$ 9.99 USD

What is the ultimate authority for human beings? This book examines that question and concludes that every rational being created by God is responsible to live according His standards.  However, some of them choose not to pay attention to God’s authority.  For those who do listen to God, they have the ultimate standard, the Bible, from God, the ultimate authority.  Although God is the ultimate authority, He confers His authority by means of the Word of God.


Friendship: The Joy of Relationships

$ 6.49 USD

This condensed book was written so the reader will be able to grasp the principles without having to go back and re-read it to digest the content.  Friendship is a popular concept.   Having a large number of friends was popularized by the social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  Friendship involves a relationship of distinction.   It is a relationship that respects the dignity of another person.   The Bible teaches a different version of what it means to be a friend than the popular culture teaches.  There are many occasions when friends say they are friends, but they are not friends. "Even my own familiar friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me" (Psalm 41:9). A true friend will endure and sacrifice for a friend.  "A friend loves at all times" (Proverbs 17:7) and "there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother" (Proverbs 18:24). This monograph is as much rational as it is affectionate. The truth  of biblical friendship will engage the entire person, mind, will, and emotions.



Brief Study of the Ten Commandments

$ 10.95 USD

This book will help Christians understand the doctrine of the Ten Commandments based on the full counsel of God.  This is an excellent tool for individual and group Bible study or Sunday School.


Realizing Significance

$ 12.95 USD

The author derives the title from Mark’s gospel in the context of his disciples, in a boat, caught in a windstorm.  “And other little boats were also with Him” (Mark 4:36).  Mr. Perry takes the literal term “little boats” and applies it people who are “categorized as the ‘little people’ by those who are preoccupied with their own survival” (p. 4).  He labors to show the significance of all God’s adopted children.


Doctrine of Sound Words

$ 16.95 USD

Doctrine of Sound Words is a book of Christian doctrine in topical format.   It covers a wide range of theological topics such as, the triune God, creation, providence, sin, justification, repentance, Christian liberty, free will, marriage and divorce, Christian fellowship, et al).  There are thirty three topics beginning with “Holy Scriptures” and ending with “The Last Judgment.”  It is a systematic theology for laymen based on the full counsel of God. This book contains a summary of Christian theology in understandable language.  One reviewer says, "This is a truly readable and accessible commentary with no peer."


Prayers to Build the Body of Christ

$ 10.95 USD

The author issues a clarion call to all Christians to pray for one another. The Bible is abundant with references to prayer and particularly to pray for one another.  La Tanya wrote this book to encourage Christians to "pray for family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors or acquaintances."  The format for this book provides a prayer each day for forty days.  Blank spaces provide the opportunity to write in the name of the person so prayer may be made for a specific person.


It's Not Too Late! Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life

$ 11.95 USD

Dr. Max Malikow, a seasoned author and college professor, “offers life-enriching discoveries and activities that will add meaning, pleasure, and satisfaction to the years ahead.”  Rabbi Dr. Earl A. Grollman writes:  “Max Malikow is a gifted writer who has thought about life.   This book is a timely gift to a generation of baby-boomers.”  Each page reveals life principles that are especially useful for those golden years.  Although written for baby boomers, the millennial generation would derive valuable principles for life in this unique book.


Joy in Worship

$ 12.95 USD

Joy in Worship explains Christian worship from an evangelical perspective.  The centrality of the Word of the God is prominent throughout the book.  You will be drawn in to the worship experience of the Old Testament worshippers.   You will feel their sorrow in the valley and their joy on the mountain.  Behold the wonder of worshipping in unity with those of like precious faith.  The early chapters explain the biblical principles of worship.  Joy in Worship comes to life as the Psalms of Ascent describe the passions and reality of the worshiper.  This book is intellectually stimulating and emotionally exhilarating.  


Searching for the Light

$ 9.95 USD

Linda wanted someone to know the dark nights of her life.  She has lived a life of darkness, confusion, disappointment, abuse, perversion and addiction.  People she thought loved her, used her without regard for her life.  Is there an end to the dark nights?  Will she ever be happy?  Can she ever let go of her anger and hatred?  Find out if she will succeed in the search for light!


Amid the Cultural Chaos

$ 12.95 USD

Amid The Cultural Chaos is a book designed to explore the possibilities of an intervention within a resistant and recalcitrant culture. The book will endeavor to show the importance of a world and life view that incorporates the God-factor within the cultural chaos so that it becomes a greater reality in one’s faith and practice. It is a simple and basic pedagogical formulation that cannot and should not be ignored or forgotten. We have a mission and message to proclaim Amid The Cultural Chaos of our day. 


Trending Toward Cultural Captivity

$ 11.95 USD

This book examines some of the trends that have become overwhelming and a strong influence upon the direction of the nation and world. Biblical history reminds us that there have been other times of major cultural captivities, but God proved His faithfulness and purpose as He delivered an indentured and oppressed people and gave them a new hope.


Navigating the Cultural Maze

$ 12.95 USD

This book will provide you with challenging insights and encouragement to be a light shining into and piercing the darkness of your day.


The Human Predicament: Towards an Understanding of the Human Condition

$ 19.95 USD

For each of us, if life is to be experienced as worthwhile, if not thrilling, and occasionally pleasant, if not joyful, our diligence is required. Even the most enviable of lives includes challenges, disappointments, frustrations, and confusions. There is a word for circumstances that challenge, disappoint, frustrate, and confuse – that word is predicament. Being a human being is not easy. Every advantage we enjoy seems to be accompanied by a disadvantage. We can acquire information, but also experience the frustration of forgetting. We can create, but also be tormented with “writer's block.”  We can know the euphoria of being in love, but also suffer heartbreak from a lover's rejection.  These are but a few of the phenomena that can  make life difficult, troubling, perplexing, and, perhaps, a predicament. (ISBN 9780985618162, 268 pages)


Digging for Treasure in the Dark

$ 13.00 USD

 “Finding God’s blessings in the midst of deep despair and trials” summarizes the heart of this book.  The stories in this book tell the suffering and pain of real people living in the real world.  It also describes how God works to bring about good in the face of trials and struggles. However, in each instance God proved that He is still active in the affairs of His children.  There is always the "blessed afterwards" of these trials of darkness.  Just as gold and silver are found in the deepest places in the earth, so, too, are God's secret treasures that He allows each sorrowing child to discover as they dig into His word and find joy in His Presence.  Each story in this book illustrates how God worked in the life of each suffering individual and how He can work in yours.


The Church: First Thirty Years

$ 15.95 USD

The Church: First Thirty Years, will challenge the church to become more like a church.  It will challenge the church to fulfill its purpose, mission, and ministry.  “The purpose of the church is to worship and glorify God.  The mission of the church is to make disciples of all the nations and teach the whole counsel of God (Matthew 28:19-20).  The ministry of the church is to prepare the saints (the people of God) to understand the purpose and engage in the mission of the church.  Jesus made the mission so simple and yet the disciples, and we like them, make it so complex” (page 27). 

ISBN 9780985618179, 340 pages 


Mere Existentialism: A Primer

$ 12.95 USD

Jean-Paul Sartre wrote, "Man is condemned to be free. Condemned because he did not create himself, (but) once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does." Irvin Yalom asked, "How does a being who needs meaning find meaning in a meaningless universe?" Sartre and Yalom are two of nine philosophers featured in this introduction to existentialism. Written in user-friendly, unambiguous language, Mere Existentialism provides a rudimentary understanding of this philosophical school of thought.


Experiencing Spiritual Encouragement

$ 12.95 USD

Experience the stories of real life and spiritual growth.  This book gives a biblical perspective on how to face challenges in life and how to celebrate victories.  You will find spiritual encouragement on every page.


We Have This Ministry

$ 12.95 USD

It is the purpose of this book to show the relationship of the individual minister (church member) to the collective body of Christ (the church).  Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians is a transparent inspired account of biblical ministry.   He was a true minister to the church, not as a paid professional, but as an individual who served in the kingdom of God.   Paul’s work as an individual minister ought to be like a flagship for every individual Christian. The modern church often views the pastor as the minister.  However, the full counsel of God teaches that every person that belongs to the church of Jesus Christ is a minister.  A minister in the church is one who serves in the church faithfully as one who assumes a servant role.  This book is an exposition of the Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians with a focus on the ministry of the church.


The Essence of Christian Doctrine

$ 12.95 USD

A Brief Study of the Apostles' Creed and Basic Christian Doctrine.

  In a world driven by the winds of relativism and shallowness, it is refreshing to read the work of Martin Murphy.  He is a man of God driven by truth… the revealed truth of Scripture.  He writes with clarity and power about the verities of the Christian faith and in a way that makes a difference in how we live.  I commend this book to you with a prayer that the “truth will make you free.”  Dr. Steve Brown, Key Life Ministries


ISBN 9780984570812, 198 pages


Taking a Serious God Seriously

$ 12.95 USD

Reading this book reveals the current events that formulate worldviews.  Then the author examines the ultimate source for Christians to develop God’s way of looking at the world.  The author concludes that the “church” and the culture have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to God.  It is a clarion call for Christians to return to the standards of Scripture, because God is serious about how Christians should think and live in this world.  Every chapter defines what it means to have a serious relationship with a serious God.


Truth in the Flesh

$ 14.95 USD

John Hartung, a philosophy instructor at Le Moyne College, has written a book to help keep college students in church.  John explains the purpose of this book.  “This book is an introduction and an invitation to apologetics, the discipline of defending the truth of the Christian faith.  It is essentially a digest of material that I hope will be like salted peanuts to encourage Christians to dig deeper.  I have presented the material to form a complete argument for the fundamental sources of Christian belief and thus a defense of the whole of the Christian faith.”


Return to the Lord

$ 8.95 USD

A Brief Commentary and exposition of Hosea. 

This book traces the historical events and spiritual condition of Israel prior to the fall of the northern kingdom in 722 B.C.  The Old Testament congregation turned away from the true God and committed spiritual adultery by worshipping false gods.  This book will be useful to pastors, Sunday School teachers, and laymen who want to dig deeper into the word of God.

"I have read through it and admire what you have done.  We need more correct and practical instruction in the prophetic books, and you have given us just that."  Dr. Richard Pratt, Third Millennium Ministries



Consider These Things With Me

$ 12.95 USD

This book addresses contemporary issues in our culture. The culture has relentlessly tried to remove religion from having any relevant influence in any and every area of life and - to some degree - they are succeeding.
The task is to insert Biblical Values into the decadence that has infiltrated government, as well as education, business, and societal mores.
If the professing follower of the Lord Jesus Christ believes the transformational thrust of the Holy Scriptures and the Gospel, there should be an equally relentless effort to apply Biblical Principles back into the thinking and lifestyle of a world culture that is too willing to forget the eternal God. This is the Goal and Purpose of Consider These Things With Me.


My Christian Apology

$ 7.95 USD

This book investigates the doctrine of Christian apologetics.  It explains the teaching of a rational Christian apologetic based on theological assumptions derived from Special Revelation.   Martin Murphy takes the reader to a new level of understanding the God of meaning and reality.


Theological Terms in Layman Language

$ 8.95 USD

This book is written so that simple words like faith or not so simple words like aseity are explained in plain language. Although there are numerous dictionaries, concordances, and encyclopedias that define theological words, phrases, and concepts, there are few that are concise and simple.  Theological Terms in Layman Language is easy to read and designed for people who want a brief definition for theological terms.  The terms are in layman friendly language.  Every attempt has been made to keep the definitions as objective as possible.  It is a great resource to have for Bible study or sermon preparation.


Practical Awareness of Living in the Presence of God

$ 11.99 USD

This book focuses on the need for a Practical Awareness in terms of the Presence of God.  It will be useful for private devotions and group Bible Study.  The author wrote this book to give Christians a greater awareness of the Glory of the Lord’s Presence in their daily walk and relationship with Him.  It is loaded with Bible references.  Study questions are found at the end of each chapter to encourage thoughtful meditation.


The Herman David (Bill) Gano Story

$ 6.95 USD

This is a brief but compelling story of a true hero for freedom. His name and his story must be preserved, so that others will know the high cost of keeping our country safe. Because some of Bill Gano's experiences were so painful, just the highlights of what he went through are included in this book.  The fascinating story of a man who believed God, was committed to his family, and served his country. 


Red Rover: Interlocking Arms Around the World to Fulfill Jesus' Prayer

$ 11.95 USD

Red Rover is a childhood game of interlocking arms to capture those on the opposing side.  The author of Red Rover likens the game to the unity of the global Church to spread the Gospel to the world according to Jesus’ prayer captured in John 17:23.  The author invites you to wrestle with theologians about various topics such as salvation through Christ, the historical institutionalization of the Church, and the strategic roles of the individual and the global Church to spread the Gospel.

ISBN 9780985618100, 165 pages


The Present Truth

$ 8.95 USD

The author looks for the church with the present truth of Scripture as His guide.  The Summary of The Present Truth is found in this remark about the State of the Church.  “The More I look at the church the less I see of the church.  The more I look at the American culture, the more I see the church.”  Each chapter  is practically theological and purposely penetrates the surface of evangelical church.  It is the present truth.  Subtitle “The Thoughts of a Musing Christian.

ISBN 9780983244172, 155 pages


Sweetwater: The Joy of Living in the Presence of God

$ 7.00 USD

You will find spiritual encouragement on every page.  This book is a summary of how the grace of God turns the bitterness of life into a sweet aroma for the child of God.  Jesus Christ suffered the bitterness of human life so that Christians will experience the sweetness of divine life.  You may face suffering, sickness, emotional distress and many other bitter experiences, but God is able to make the bitter water turn into sweet water.  Sixteen chapters of encouragement from a seasoned pastor who understands and gives counsel based  on the words of  the Psalmist, “How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth” (Psalm 119:103).


God of the Church Growth Movement

$ 7.95 USD

The god of the Church Growth Movement is a well researched and documented analysis of the church growth movement.  It demonstrates how the church growth movement implements the tools of modernity in the quest for church growth.  The author has 20 years experience as pastor and teacher and has a B.A. in Bible from Columbia International University and a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary. 


Danger Zone

$ 11.95 USD

The Danger Zone is a candid discussion relative to the dangerous times for everyone, especially church leaders. The Danger Zone is a handbook for those who want to see reformation in these critical times through repentance and restoration, in that specific order. Christian, you are called to "live as if the power of Christ reigns in you. You will never regret it. It will take you out of the Danger Zone!"


The Right Course and the Only Right Choice: Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me Over Life's Tempestuous Sea

$ 11.95 USD

James Perry wrote this book to help Christians gain greater insight in terms of their spiritual journey.  It is replete with Scripture references that point Christians to the pilot of their soul, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Each chapter ends with personal study questions that are engaging and encouraging.   An excellent resource for personal devotion, group Bible study, or Sunday School.


God's Grace For the Church

$ 9.95 USD

This exposition of Paul's letter to the church at Ephesus is readable, reasonable, and relevant. It brings the grace of God to the forefront of the Christian experience. The author simply lays out the plain teaching of Scripture. Martin does not avoid theological topics that are obviously in the text of Scripture, but he does not engage in contentious arguments. It is written for Christians who want to understand and experience the manifestation of God's grace.

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