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Books Recently Added:

Buried Above Ground: Understanding Suicide and the Suicidal Mind, Max Malikow, 9780998560625

It Happened in Little Valley: A Case Study of Uxoricide, Max Malikow, 9780986405594

Death: Reflections on the End of Life and What Comes After, Max Malikow, 9780986405570

Twenty-First Century Church: Is it Waxing or Waning, James Perry,ISBN9780986405525

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Christian book publishing is useful to help Christians formulate a Christian world and life view.  The Theocentric Group  includes men and women who write and publish books that engage the reader in a Christian world and life view.  Our goal is to serve with the larger community of Christian organizations to glorify God by promoting Christian world views. 

Christian authors speak to the Christian community now and in the future.  Tell your story to glorify God.

We call ourselves theocentric because God is the center of this publishing group.  Theocentric literally means God-centered.

 We call ourselves a group to express the inclusion of everyone involved in this work.

 Our purpose is to honor God by publishing Christian books. 

If you want to publish your book, contact the  Theocentric Publishing Group today. 

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